Customization in Google Analytics 4 Standard Reports

Mar 14, 2023

4 Minutes Read

By Akanksha Porwal


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) provides a range of customization options and helps you to gain deeper insights into your website or app's performance. Here is an example of a customization report you can create within Google Analytics 4 on their standard reporting!

Right now, the default formation of GA4's standard event report looks like the image below:

Default GA4 event report

If I say that the below image is also a standard event report of GA4 report. Would you agree?

Default GA4 event report after customization

And the default engagement overview formation of the GA4 looks like the below image:

Default GA4 engagement overview report

And, would you believe that the below image is also an engagement overview report of the GA4!

Default GA4 engagement overview report after customization

Yes, we can make changes in the GA4 standard as well as overview reports(apart from the explore report) as per our client's requirements, for example, you can create your own custom standard or overview report, and you can modify or apply different types of filters in the report, etc.

Let's take a reporting look and learn how to customize the standard or overview reports as per the business provisions.

There are basically, two types of reports that we can customize default reports besides custom reports of explore section in GA4

  1. Overview report
  2. Standard report or Detailed Report

How to customize the standard and overview report:

In GA4, the pencil icon is used to edit the report. When you hover your mouse over a report, you will see a pencil icon appear in the top right corner of the report. Clicking on this pencil icon allows you to edit the report and change its customization.

After clicking the pencil icon, you can edit the report name, description, date range, and other customizations. You can also add or remove dimensions and metrics, change the layout of the report, and add charts or graphs to the report, etc.

Things to know to use customization feature:

  • The changes we make after customization will be visible to all users who have access to the relevant GA4 property.
  • We can customize the report only if we have editing rights on the property.

Let's see what kinds of customizations we can do with the report:

  • Report data section:

  • This section allows you to add or remove your own dimensions and metrics from the report.

In selected reports, GA4 provides only one dimension from an analysis point of view, however, we can add all available dimensions in the Customization section of the report

  • Report filter section:

  • This section is a subset of your data Example: If you have selected the page and screen name as a dimension and you also want to see pages and screens that should show data for a specific area or city then you can use this filter.

  • Charts section:

  • In this section, we can view our data on the basis of different types of graphs and if we do not want to see any graph, we can also hide it.
  • We can also choose different types of graphs available in the chart section


bar chart report

  • Report template:

  • Occasionally, Google publishes updates to its standard reports. So if your report is linked to a standard template, it will be displayed like this

  • Summary card:

  • In this section, you will be able to add the summary card details as per the requirement like summary card by events, summary card by pages, etc
  • You can add up to 16 cards in the GA4.


Overall, GA4 provides a lot of flexibility in terms of report customization, allowing you to get the insights you need to make informed decisions. For any queries related to Google Analytics 4, please feel free to contact us and ask your questions. We are just one click away!

Stay tuned for more new features of GA4!!