Case Study

Our client, a leading e-commerce brand, was struggling to keep track of their email campaign performance on Klaviyo, their email marketing platform. Despite having a wealth of data, they were unable to efficiently analyse and visualise their email campaign data to make informed business decisions.

Through the strategic removal of underperforming components and the targeting of a more relevant settings, the campaign effectively increased website traffic. Remarkably, this success was achieved without compromising the caliber of website traffic.

The main objective was to increase conversions while reducing the cost per conversion, as well as identifying the appropriate keywords and target audience to generate more leads for the campaign.

Implementing post-click conversions in DV360 attribution led to increased conversions, a 36% lower CPI, and a notable 38% boost in overall click-through rate, showcasing the effectiveness of our refined attribution model.

By eliminating underperforming areas and focusing on a more relevant audience, the client achieved significant cost savings through a substantial decrease in CPC. This was achieved without compromising the quality of website traffic

Increasing the Session Duration of the Website is a difficult challenge, with steady growth in acquiring new users, holding the returning users and other KPIs. It's not a quick trick but a journey of hard work and discipline that Leads to the conversion. Let's deep dive and understand how we achieved a 55% increase in average session duration.

For Marketers, It's a dream of a result to achieve such a big and consistent growth in their performance. It's not the result of any overnight magic, but there is a long and effort driven journey of process discipline followed to correctly place the 4M of performance marketing.

A subscription-based ecommerce client sought to track revenue and purchases within their iOS and Android mobile apps. They aimed to leverage Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to gain a comprehensive understanding of user behaviour, optimise key metrics, and accelerate their growth. The challenge was to properly set up in-app purchase and subscription event tracking specifically for the iOS platform.

The client faced difficulty migrating their website from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 and had limited knowledge of GA4. They wanted to ensure a seamless migration without disruption and correct tracking migration.

A Shopify-powered e-commerce business in the East was facing challenges with Universal Analytics (UA) in capturing purchase data reliably. The client was unable to track data for resale products put on the post-purchase page and upsell products bought through third-party interfaces.

The client is an automotive manufacturer that produces cars, vans, and SUVs. The clients vehicles are sold in New Zealand through a network of authorised dealerships. The client was facing challenges to get effective conversions while the ads were serving

The campaigns run consistently for the client throughout the year with different leagues running at different times. With the scale up of spending each day the campaign already utilised all targeting options for maximum reach. The target for the Super Bowl was to ensure that we have the capability to spend as much as possible, while making sure that performance remains aligned. Hence, the key challenge was to scale up the campaign for the Super Bowl without adversely impacting the performance or the buying capability.

The Client shared that he is receiving traffic at a higher cost with lesser engagement, while the media spends are getting invested every day. We were thrown with a grim challenge to go for a targeting which will bring in the most relevant audiences at a lower spend per click.

In the shopping season of black Friday and cyber Monday, our objective was to increase the reach of brand and drive huge amount of relevant traffic to the website by expanding the audience size in top of the funnel with the help of discovery campaigns

The project objective was to build out a single report where data from multiple channels can be visualised to empower the team and management to make decisions backed by data.

The online campaigns are primarily run to acquire bettors across the states to drive deposits and reduce cost of acquiring a customer. The client follows a full funnel measurement in the platform, right from Install to subsequent events till deposit. Therefore, the challenge is to acquire more qualified users to install the app and take action at much lower cost.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest Sale days of the year. The challenge was to find ways to scale up the spends without compromising on the performance parameters.

To create near real-time data analysis and visualisation dashboard for multiple platforms performance review at one place.

Understand the reasons behind reduction in spends and ROAS for PMAX campaigns, & lead the path to improve the campaign performance.