GA4 Conversions migrated manually from UA

28th Jun 2024

5 Minutes Read

By Abhishek Tiwari

Introduction to Conversions/Goals

Conversions in GA4 are those events which are important for your business. Let’s suppose you have an E-commerce Website and your major concerns are on sales of your product in that case purchase would be your prime goal. In cases of News Website or Content Website, number of subscriptions or logins can be your important goals.

Why are Conversions important?

  1. Conversions are important to measure the success of your business.
  2. It helps in optimizing your marketing strategies and business decisions.
  3. Understanding in User Behaviour on your website.

How do we mark or configure our conversions in GA4?

To configure goals in Google Analytics you first need to understand the importance KPIs of your business which leads to ultimate success of your business.

Post understanding your important events, now you can add the important events as conversions through following techniques.

First Way: Configure from the Events Section of your Admin

Step 1: Go to Admin Settings in your Analytics Account.

Step 2: From the Property Section go to Events.

Step 3: Now mark your Important Events as Conversion:

And there you go all your Events marked are now your Conversions too:

Alternative Ways: Follow the first step from above and then go to conversions directly from Property Settings.

Then click on New Conversion event tab:

Then add your event name and click on save:

In both the cases your events will be marked as conversions.

Now coming to the important aspect where this blog stands

As we all know that GA4 is the only property now populating data from Google Analytics as Universal Analytics have stopped tracking data since 1st July 2023. Because of which all of us have already switched to Google Analytics 4 if not please migrate as soon as possible. The question arises how do we migrate our goals too from UA to GA4. Some of the goals whose scopes are event based can easily be configured in GA4. Like:

Universal Analytics:

Google Analytics 4:

But how will you do the same for Destination Goals?

From the above 2 steps I mentioned to configure the goals you will not be able to create destination goals because all of them are event-scoped. Have you ever tried?

Not to worry, we have come out to a solution where you can perform the same:

To create your destination goal first you need to do the first 2 steps from the top.

Then from the events you need to create your own new event for the destination goal.

Just like I did for my resource page:

By adding parameter event name as pageview and also my page location as resources.

Save It and you would get your destination goal just as you find in UA.

Finally your Conversion Event:

Happy Analytics!!