Case Study

Driving the Campaigns in DV360 to Post Click Attribution Success with a 36% reduction in CPI


Our client is a fintech company providing a digital lending platform, offering convenient and quick financial solutions through technology. Their objective is to optimize conversion rates while simultaneously cultivating brand awareness.


The primary objective was to enhance post-click conversions, particularly app installations and sign-ups, while maintaining cost-per-acquisition targets. The goal was to achieve maximum conversions while ensuring cost efficiency.


To address this challenge, we adopted a strategic approach tailored to our client's needs. By targeting narrower audience segments, we aimed to engage the most relevant and interested users. Incorporating category targeting within the finance industry helped us maximize exposure to the desired audience. Additionally, we focused our campaign on top tier cities to minimize unnecessary ad spend.


The implementation of count only post-click conversions in DV360 attribution led to substantial increase in post-click conversions and 36% reduction in CPI. Additionally, the conversion attribution shift led to a notable boost in the overall click-through rate of 38%. These positive outcomes demonstrated the effectiveness of our refined attribution model.